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We would like to introduce you to the Companion Concept Program for training dogs. It is an assessment based program that takes into account your dog's unique level of drives, breed instincts and temperament. Then, we take a look at the goals you have set for the dog. From there we will put a training plan together. We can arrange sessions at a time that is convenient for you.


The bond you have with your pet is a powerful training tool. There are many ways to open the doors of communication. The secrets of great training can be fun and exciting to learn.

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July 2018

                                          Summer and the Heat

Now that summer is in full bloom we focus on canine welfare. 

Many of my clients run with their dogs. Things to consider when running with your dog are;

 Is the dog old enough to run?

Puppies, regardless of the size are not fully developed and often haven't got enough muscle mass to support the activity of continuous running. The dog has to be hydrated a little bit at a time (frequent stops). Pavement is hot (remember that dogs don't have shoes) and they have to breathe through their pads as well. 

Finally does your dog get a chance to hang out on the leash (or off) just be a dog allowed to sniff, greet people and generally chill. 

If the dog is asked to run the whole time, then there is no down time where the dog gets to smell and do the things dogs love to do. Many times my clients will tell me that the dog is still 'wound up' after a run. This tells me that the dog is frustrated and needs a different 'outlet' until he or she can relax.

Arrange for your dog to be comfortable when traveling with them. Put yourself in their place and be realistic about their comfort. They need water (as they have a fur coat), shade and a comfortable temperature.

When the car stops, take the dog out of the car and someone in the family can keep him company as you move through the day.

It is unlawful in many municipalities to leave a dog in a hot car in the summer. There are penalties in place for this situation, so know the law when it comes to you, your dog and where you are traveling.