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We would like to introduce you to the Companion Concept Program for training dogs. It is an assessment based program that takes into account your dog's unique level of drives, breed instincts and temperament. Then, we take a look at the goals you have set for the dog. From there we will put a training plan together. We can arrange sessions at a time that is convenient for you.


The bond you have with your pet is a powerful training tool. There are many ways to open the doors of communication. The secrets of great training can be fun and exciting to learn.

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May 2019

Spring & Early Summer

The snow is gone and the ground is covered with items that your dog may find interesting and appetizing. For the most part, none of these are any good for them and in many cases can to turn out to be harmful. Teach your dog "leave it" and after the stern warning, praise your dog for not eating whatever it was. You can throw a toy from your toy bag to instantly stimulate the prey and play drive in your pet, focusing on this instead of the ground cover.

When you're in an area that is unfamiliar to you, or you are returning to an area for the first time that day, keep your pet on the leash until you are sure that the area is safe for off-leash activities.

Have a container of water for your pet, poo bags and be wearing the proper clothing for your outing. The most common mistake owners make when heading out, is not having the proper footwear for the terrain they will be covering.

Dress in layers, as the days start out cool and soon temperatures rise as time passes from morning to afternoon.

Always be scanning the ground that your pet is walking on. One deep cut on a tender pad can mean weeks of no walks and a frustrated dog and owner.

Happy trails, enjoy your dog and stay safe. 

Until next time. 

Dennis Brunton

                                          Winter & the Cold

The winds have changed and things are colder now. For the long haired dogs it is more comfortable, but remember that all of the dogs walking outside in Ottawa and the surrounding areas are probably walking on salt. Road salt is in the snow and surfaces around the roads. Some owners will give the dog's pads a light rub with a damp cloth after a walk and other will have boots for the dog. There are different types of protection for your dog's pads. These include gels and various types of boots. You can bring up the websites of various pet suppliers and you can decide which one you'd like to try.

If a dog does not have a double coat and you know that the cold bothers the dog by observing low, or no enthusiasm to go out, or when you are out maybe the dog is shivering, a canine winter coat may be needed. There are well made coats for dogs that come in every size and shape. Some better than others. Once again you can look up the suppliers and see what they carry regarding winter coats. Many stores have them in stock and you can take your dog in and try a few on.