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'Start Smart' Puppy Training Program

For the puppy you will bring home soon

or the one you have at home now.

All programs include assessment (the puppy and social situation), training (age appropriate) and training plan going forward to advance and address your concerns and expectations.

Choose One of the Following

  • House call at your home to make a plan for the puppy that will be arriving soon
  • House call to help you organize your new puppy's routine and living arrangements

  • In-Kennel training available at Eastway Kennels in Navan, Ontario. Puppies trained while they stay at Eastway Kennels. eastwaykennels.com

  • Puppy classes outside the home. Private classes (and group classes when available) are offered at locations in the Greater Orleans area. Contact us for availability.

Adult Dog Training and Arrangements

All training arrangements include

Assessment, training and planning strategies for future training and behaviour modification.

Choices you have to get started

  • House call at your home for any reason, or issues with your family pet.

  • In-kennel training. The dog is trained while staying at Eastway Kennels in Navan, Ontario. eastwaykennels.com

  • Introducing new people, dogs, babies and children to household

  • Private sessions (and group when available) away from home. Contact us for availability.

Specialty canine Training

For all dogs learning to be a service animal

or already trained 

For those of you who have a dog trained for a special purpose.
  • Assessment and guidance for beginner handlers and their dog
  • Assessment and recommendations for working handler and dog presently in the field

  • In-kennel training for specially trained canines and/or service dogs 

  • Available as speaker to canine organizations and companies dedicated to dog training and welfare

Train ~ Play ~ Bond

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Pet Photography 

Dennis has been taking pet images  for years with the families or stand alone. 

'Capturing your pet at their best'

Dennis Brunton, Pet Photogrpahy in Orleans